Entry Level Guide to Fundraising: Part 4.2

If you’re looking into digital fundraising in particular, then there’s some more specific jargon to learn. The incredible Emily Casson kindly lent me her glossary to digital fundraising to put this together, and you can get in touch with her to ask more of her digital excellence on @EmilyCasson

Given Emily’s connection to Cat Protection League, it only seemed fair to include a cat here…

But now, to business – here are the phrases you need to know to get your foot in the door.

  1. Influencer
    The term influencer refers to someone who is recognised as an expert in their field on social media – this might be a comedian, fashion blogger, or an animal welfare campaigner. Influencers can come in all shapes and sizes (micro to mega) and are an effective way to reach people about a topic they are passionate about.
  2. Impressions
    The term ‘impressions’ is used in digital marketing to measure the number of times a post (often a paid advert) is shown within the internet search results.
    Impressions are also measured on other platforms and refer to the number of times a piece of content displays in a user’s news feed. The user could be a ‘follower’ of the content provider, or have a connection who has engaged with the content.
  3. Conversion Rate
    Conversion rate is the percentage or proportion of the total audience that perform the action you’ve set as your goal. For example, 12,000 people may see your Facebook ad – 120 make a donation through the ad (your goal). This gives a conversion rate of 1%. The average conversion rate varies from channel to channel, however, obviously the higher the conversion rate the better.
  4. Bounce Rate
    The bounce rate is used across both email and websites. When looking at websites the bounce rate refers to the number of people who go onto a page, and then immediately leave without further action. For email, the bounce rate is the number of emails that were undeliverable to the email addresses entered so have ‘bounced back’ to the sender.
  5. Forward/Open Rate
    The forward rate looks at the proportion of people who have received an email and then forwarded this on to someone in their address book. An open rate is literally the measurable metric given to the number of recipients that open the email.
  6. CTA/CTR
    CTA stands for Call to Action – which could be to donate or follow a page. CTR stands for Click Through Rate, which is the measure of how many people have clicked a link you’ve included in your post.
  7. GDPR
    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was introduced on 25 May 2018 and is in addition to the Data Protection Act 1998. The regulation means consent is now needed to contact supporters by phone, text or emaill regarding marketing.
  8. SEO
    Stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is simply optimising your website content for search engines eg Google and what their algorithms prefer. Whole agencies are dedicated to SEO.
  9. SEM
    Search Engine Marketing is associated with the researching, submitting and positioning of a website within search engines to achieve maximum visibility and increase your share of paid and/or organic traffic referrals from search engines.
  10. Paid Social
    Paid social refers to all of our ad activity on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram to name a couple.

With these terms under your belt, you should be able to better understand job descriptions and make yourself stand out in job applications – to return to the main dictionary post, click here. Alternatively, return to the homepage of the guide to entering fundraising here.

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