Entry Level Guide to Fundraising: Part 6

So you’ve got your first job in fundraising – or, at least, you’re well on your way. But you’re not done yet: you want to be the best fundraiser you can be. Where do you go from here to continue your learning?

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of accessible places you might look next…


  1. SoFII – the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration, which breaks down some of the best examples of modern fundraising into bite size chunks. They also have an incredible reading list.
  2. The IoF website – the Institute of Fundraising have a huge amount more content from introductions to each key area of fundraising (such as community and corporates) to a jobs board and more.
  3. Fundraising UK – a free fundraising news website that details what’s going on in the sector, from new corporate partnership round-ups to which celebs are supporting what causes.


  1. Fixing Fundraising – a personal plug for my other project, in which Tom DeFraine and I hash out the biggest pet peeves of the fundraising sector.
  2. Simon Scriver’s Ultimate Amazing Superstar Fundraising Podcast – in particular his ‘quick tips’ that deliver personal development in 10 minute chunks.


  1. The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong – a TED talk famous in both challenge event and corporate fundraising circles that teaches you some of the barriers you might come up against in your career.
  2. IWITOT 2018 (skip to 11:05) – a series of 7 minute talks of fundraisers who love an idea so much they wish they could claim it was their idea; great for inspiration when starting a new role.


  1. IoF Intro to Fundraising – the Institute of Fundraising run a one day introduction to the wider world of fundraising at a £75 price tag, which you can read all about here.
  2. FSI course on your area of fundraising – the Foundation for Social Improvement focus on supporting small charities, but if you can get a volunteer position these courses can be £15 incredibly well spent. You can see their upcoming list here.


  1. Fundraising Chat – one of the best resources a fundraiser can have – often referred to as the ‘hive mind’ of UK fundraising, this Facebook group isn’t one to miss.
  2. Your IoF SIG (Special Interest Group) – networks for people specialising in a particular type of fundraising, which you can find more on here.
  3. Twitter – can be an incredibly good network for fundraisers. I recommend starting by following Howard Lake, Richard Sved, Mandy Johnson & Nikki Bell.

We hope you enjoyed this guide – it was put together by Andy King and the incredible people of the fundraising sector who hope you’ll be the next bright spark in our field.

Thanks go to (in order of appearance): Andreas Avram, Karlie Evans, Konna Beeson, Laura Horton, Katie Endacott, Tom DeFraine, Calum Coker, Vicky Wallace, Lindsay Harrod, Ikhlaq Hussein, Vic Hancock Fell, Chris Richardson Wright, Emily Casson, Alison Pritchard, Dawn Ballard and Amber Madden.

You can return to the main post of the guide here.

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