About me

Professional Cred

  1. Nearing five years of professional experience (plus three years of voluntary experience) in corporate, event and individual fundraising.
  2. Led innovations within Rays of Sunshine’s supporter journeys – from creating new opportunities to engage community fundraisers to improving stewardship through the creation of thank you videos for major supporters
  3. Grew East African Playgrounds’ event income stream from £295,000p/a in 2015 to over £580,000p/a in 2018.
  4. Created East African Playgrounds’ corporate partnership programme from scratch, whilst assisting the development of a major donor and individual giving platform at the same time.
  5. Institute of Fundraising’s “Best Fundraising Newcomer” at their national award ceremony in July 2018.
  6. Chair of trustees of Raising Futures Kenya, having supported their rebrand, mission focus and fundraising strategy revamp.
  7. Youngest member of Fundraising Magazine’s “25 Under 35” list, published in November 2018.
  8. Mentored by the incredible team at the Tony Elischer Foundation between 2017 and 2018, expanding my mind and network ten-fold.
  9. Donor, event participant and advocate for a number of causes.

Street Cred

  1. Has three favourite jokes that he will tell anyone that asks, but they require an in-person audience.
  2. Pretended to like spoken word poetry to impress a boy – the fancy for poetry lasted longer than the relationship did.
  3. Has lived in Uganda for approximately a year over the period of 2014 – 2017, working on charitable projects, drinking cheap beer and refusing to wear flip-flops at every turn. They are the devil’s shoes.
  4. Has drunk more Dr. Pepper than is safe for humans, and sticks by the corporate tagline in life: “what’s the worst that can happen?”
  5. Wrote his dissertation in three days, but it was on Dr. Suess, so at least the reading was very short.
  6. Can quote Dan Pallota’s ‘The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong’ TEDx Talk almost word for word
  7. Will be distracted by dogs walking past.
  8. Will beat you at Super Smash Bros Melee or die trying.
  9. Chose to spend the £150 he was given for a rabies vaccination on beer, jaegerbombs and the complete set of Game of Thrones instead.