My forays into fundraising began in 2012, when a friend at university convinced me to co-organise a bungee jump on campus for over 100 people in the name of Red Nose Day.

Something about that process – whether it was the impact of the money raised, the screams of terror/joy from the top of the crane or the fact we’d gone from having an idea to making it happen – stuck with me.

The near-seven years since then have been a process of constant learning, reflection and delight. I realised in a recent conversation with Sue Morgan of the Tony Elischer Foundation that the reason I’m a fundraiser – and will always be a fundraiser – is the sector’s passion for two things.

  1. Telling the best stories possible.
  2. Being the best sector – not just individuals within it – possible.

I bet those two things are what’ve led you to this page, too. I’m hoping to create a place to share everything I’ve learned over the last few years – and the things I’m still learning – with plenty of memes thrown in.

I mostly write series of posts – such as the work-in-progress guide to getting a job in fundraising and the to-be-published series on whether “raising awareness” is worthwhile. Until those are finished – buckle in and enjoy the ride! And if you like what you see, you can find me on Twitter here and LinkedIn here!